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Leon Fiedler, Volleyball fanatic

Everyone has a story to tell, and this is mine. From my high school years to becoming employed and making a life-altering move from Germany to the United States, volleyball played a significant role in shaping my journey. 

Right here, I will passionately share the ups and downs, highlighting the impact volleyball had on my life and how it transformed me as a person. 

Through perseverance, determination, and the bonds I formed on and off the court, volleyball became more than just a sport—it became my home.

Finding Volleyball in High School

The Initial Struggle

During my high school years, I was introduced to the world of volleyball. Although I was initially not very good at it and didn’t make the school team, I found the sport fascinating. Volleyball taught me a valuable lesson: there’s always a chance to win, regardless of the score. This mindset stayed with me as I navigated through various challenges in life.

College Years: A Fresh Start

Embracing the Volleyball Community

After graduating from high school, I entered college—a new city, new people, and a sense of isolation. Determined to overcome this, I decided to join the college volleyball team. To my surprise, I was welcomed with open arms. Volleyball provided me with an opportunity to make friends, be a part of social gatherings, and experience the joy of playing both indoors and on the beach. As I continued to play, my skills improved, and I discovered that volleyball offered me a medium to connect with people on a deeper level.

Volleyball as a Support System

In addition to making friends, volleyball became a crucial support system throughout my college journey. The sport helped me maintain balance, provided stress relief, and offered a sense of belonging. The teammates I met through volleyball were there to celebrate victories and lend support during challenging times. With the help of volleyball, I successfully graduated from college, equipped with valuable life skills and cherished memories.

The Challenges of Transitioning to the Workforce

A New Chapter, Familiar Struggles

After landing my first job, I found myself in a similar situation: a new city, new people, and the absence of friends. Once again, I turned to volleyball to find solace and companionship. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted sports activities, including volleyball. Unable to pursue my passion, a sense of unhappiness started to consume me. As the weeks went by, I experienced internal turmoil that led to dark thoughts—a path I never intended to traverse.

Rediscovering Happiness Through Volleyball

When Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, I wasted no time in rejoining multiple volleyball teams. I was determined to compensate for the lost time and regain my sense of happiness. Through volleyball, I once again found friends, became part of a club, and restored my overall well-being. Volleyball became my guiding light, leading me back to a state of contentment. It is in the realm of volleyball that I feel most at home, confident in my abilities, and surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Sharing the Passion: Coaching Volleyball

Recognizing the transformative power of volleyball in my own life, I decided to give back to the sport that had given me so much. I took on the role of coaching a youth volleyball group, imparting my passion and knowledge to young players. Guiding them through their own journeys, I witnessed the positive impact volleyball had on their lives as well.

Embracing Change: Moving to the United States

Seeking a New Adventure

After a couple of years, I found myself yearning for a change. Life had become stagnant and repetitive, and I felt the need to challenge myself once again. The thought of moving to another city crossed my mind, but I wanted something more significant—a complete turnaround. That’s when I made the bold decision to move to the United States.

Volleyball: A Constant Companion

Upon arriving in the U.S., I turned to volleyball once again. The familiar sound of a ball hitting the ground, the camaraderie among teammates, and the thrill of competition welcomed me with open arms. Volleyball became my constant companion, providing a sense of comfort and belonging no matter where I went. It served as a universal language, connecting me to people from diverse backgrounds. With volleyball as my home, the whole world became my home.

The Power of a Global Sport

Volleyball is a sport that transcends borders. It unites people from different cultures, languages, and experiences. Whether I was playing in Germany or the United States, I discovered that the passion for volleyball was universal. As I honed my skills and became a stronger player, I realized that strong players attract other strong players. People are naturally drawn to those who exude confidence and skill. Through volleyball, I formed connections, gained opportunities, and created lasting friendships.

A Personal Transformation

Volleyball not only improved my physical abilities but also shaped my character. It taught me the value of teamwork, perseverance, and resilience. The sport challenged me to push beyond my limits, overcome obstacles, and constantly strive for improvement. Volleyball instilled in me a sense of discipline and a never-give-up attitude that extended beyond the court and into all aspects of my life.

What’s next?

From humble beginnings in high school to my journey as an employed individual and my relocation from Germany to the United States, volleyball has been a consistent presence, shaping my experiences and molding me into a better person. It provided me with a sense of purpose, an avenue to connect with others, and a home wherever I went. Through the highs and lows, volleyball has remained a constant source of joy, growth, and personal transformation.

I’m excited to go for whatever happens next.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How did volleyball impact your life beyond the sport?

Volleyball not only improved my athletic abilities but also taught me valuable life lessons such as teamwork, perseverance, and resilience. It helped me form meaningful relationships and provided a sense of belonging and purpose.

2. Why did you choose volleyball as your passion?

Volleyball appealed to me because of its dynamic nature and the opportunity to constantly challenge myself. The sport’s inclusivity and the vibrant community surrounding it also drew me in.

3. How did volleyball help you navigate challenging times?

During challenging times, volleyball served as a support system. The bonds I formed with teammates provided emotional support and a sense of camaraderie, helping me stay grounded and motivated.

4. What inspired you to become a volleyball coach?

Witnessing the positive impact volleyball had on my own life, I wanted to share that passion and inspire others. Coaching allowed me to pass on my knowledge, mentor young players, and contribute to their personal growth.

5. How has volleyball influenced your worldview?

Volleyball has opened my eyes to the power of sports in bridging cultural gaps and fostering global connections. It has given me a broader perspective on diversity, unity, and the potential for personal growth through shared passions.

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